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We help businesses accelarate processes with customized software solutions.

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We provide end-to-end custom software development services that fits our clients business specific software needs hassle-free. We believe in delivering the best technology solutions for our clients.

Custom Software Solutions

Website Development

Wordpress website development

Ecommerce Development

Android App Development

Flutter App Development

React Native App Development

API Development / Integration

Website Maintenance / Upgrades

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Need a custom website or app for your business?

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Our Technology Specialization

With new and emerging technologies there is always a need for businesses to upgrade their technology stack to improve the software performance and adhere to latest technology trends. We at CodeGeek Technologies believe in developing a custom software with the best technology solutions keeping in mind latest trends, our clients needs, their current business stage and finally the best affordable cost.

Why we need a custom software?

Many businesses face issues when they try to enhance their exising software or web application with their new business processes. Hence the need for custom software or web application arises. A custom software or web application needs a good investment however the benefits are worth the investment and can drive results. When a organization plans to build a custom software a specific business need is targeted which in-turn helps in fueling your business objectives. Below are few benefits of a custom software solution:

  1. Efficieny: A custom software solution supports business processes and increases productivity.
  2. Scalability: A custom software can be enhanced effectively with new features as the business grows.
  3. Ownership: Based on terms & conditiions businesses can own the custom software without any user licenses or additional subscription charges.
  4. Productivity: A custom built software improves efficiency of their staff and helps in increasing and measuring productivity.
  5. Upgrade: With emerging technologies businesses can upgrade their technology stack by integrating their custom built software with components built in different technologies.

Looking to develop a custom software?

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FAQ's - Frequently asked questions

As part of custom software development we design & develop the software to meet the client specific business needs. This means that they are able to provide products and services tailored specifically for their client's business needs, which can result in lower costs and higher quality for them.

We develop both static as well as dynamic websites. We also develop enterprise web applications based on customer requirements.

Yes. We develop both native & hybrid mobile app.

Yes. We offer maintenance services for 6 months to 1 year and so on. We also design custom maintenance plan based on project needs to ensure quality of the application and service.

The cost of website development includes multiple factors, which includes, custom and unique design, business functionalities, project duration, domain configuration, web hosting, third party api integration, tech stack and level of experience needed. Our cost of developing a website starts from Rs. 10,000.

Designing and Developing a website or a app is time-consuming if done to ensure quality of project and less error prone, however it completely depends upon how complex the functionality would be to implement. Minimum duration to develop a static website with all necessary assets like graphics, textual content etc. provided is approx. 20 days.

Why CodeGeek Technologies?

Every business looks for a active partner to direct & guide them whenever any technical need arises. Inorder to provide the best service possible CodeGeek Technologies follows the below protocol to nurture our clients needs.

  1. Before we jump into the development phase we thoroughly understand our clients software needs and offer the best technology stack and solution.
  2. We have years of expertise in various programming technologies and IT industry.
  3. We completely evaluate & understand your business needs before any action or solution implemented.
  4. We commit all our time & efforts to deliver the best quality of product and service.
  5. We adapt to interactive processes & maintain transparency between clients.
  6. We provide flexible maintenance services to manage your IT business needs.
  7. We assure you that our services will always benefit you.