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How we help?

We develop custom EHR and EMR softwares and healthcare apps that help hospitals, clinics to manage patients medical records, improve and streamline operational efficiency.

Healthcare Website Development

With increase in demand and competition of healthcare services it is very difficult to select the right healthcare provider. Inorder to increase trust for your healthcare organization, patients needs access to adequate and good quality resources. We develop patient centric healthcare websites to help our healthcare professional gain trust and visiblity in the patients minds.

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Hospital Management System

A hospital management system is a very useful tool for hospitals where every staff needs to carry out various administration task on daily basis to ensure patient safety and trust. Some of the benefits includes reduced paper work, simple access to reference records, automated patient history and billing, real-time check of room availability and more. We develop complete system to help hospitals automate their daily managerial activities right from admitting patients to generating their discharge documents and bills.

Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR) App

A complete EHR software to help healthcare organizations

  • Avoid long queues
  • Automate their admission process
  • Auto-assign patients to concernned doctors
  • Generate bills for patients
  • Patient Management System
  • Prescription List
  • Appointment Schedules

Healthcare app development
Insurance Claim Management Software Development Insurance Claim Management Software Development

TPA Insurance Claim Management

With increase in insurance claims it becomes difficult for the Third Party Administrators (TPA) to manage the insurance claim paper work and getting it verified by the doctors.
With Insurance Claim management Software Solution we help TPA's and doctors to streamline the insurance claim verification process by storing all insurance records of clients at one place and book an appointment with their clients as well as assign a doctor to the client who can make a video call from the application and initiate the verification process.
Insurance claim management software solution offers a systematic approach to ensure the client is correctly verified with all necessary details recorded at each user levels for future references.

Clinic Management Software

Custom Clinic Management Software

A customized clinic management software built for clinics to put best clinic management processes in force. Handling patients, bills, appointments used to be chaotic processes for many clinics but not anymore. With our custom built clinic management software we help clinics improve their processes and manage patients medical records peacefully. Our software helps in reducing time to manage patients and search for past medical records quickly.
Few features of our software:

  • 1) Manage Patient Records
  • 2) Schedule Appointments
  • 3) Reporting & Finance
  • 4) Staff Management
  • 5) Inventory Management
  • 6) Medical History Reports
  • 7) Pre-Configured Medical Forms

Looking for a custom EHR/EMR software?

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